Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Triple J Hottest 100

Recently voted in the Hottest 100 poll at Triple J. Been a couple of years since I last bothered as music on offer has not really don much for me bar the odd one. This year gone however has been a lot better:

My Triple J Hottest 100 Votes (each has a video of the main film clip where available)

Only exception is Lilt, who area  unearthed act that released one great song thatI really like. There page can be found HERE

The votes above are not in any particualr order, though my number one song for the year is Grimes - Oblivion


A great song where she goes a bit more pop than the rest of her fine album Visions. I love the synth bass and the vox line that comes into the end. I also find here rather attractive in her petite electro bohemian bondage pixie way.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


Welcome to me new general use blog. This is where i will post about things not directly related to whatever computer gamin adventures I happen to be having, or is, yet not within the same flavour of the main blog

May not be updated as frequently as the other blog, but will post here when things are appropriate.